Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Project REVEALED! ;D

Alright, well it's about time I came clean!

My new secret project will be called 'On Crimson Coloured Tides', and is a re-write of a story I started on DeviantART (you can read the first draft there although it's pretty shocking) It IS pirate themed... far fetched, I know! But I think I'll make it work! As it gets closer to the end I will let on to you some more details, such as characters and a soundtrack (I will make a new page for this)... Also, I have been working on my web comic. At this stage I'm still playing around, but if I come out with something decent I'll post it, and I will give you a link right away! :D

And now... the moment you've all (probably not xD) been waiting for! The preview!!! *drumroll* Setting sail On Crimson Coloured Tides.............

    Captain Genevere VanHagen was infamous among her fellow seafaring folk as possibly the coldest, most notorious pirate ever to have captained the Phantom Blade… of which they’d had a fair few. It was true that the scowl behind her curtain of shocking red hair was enough to turn water to ice, and the scars across the pale skin of her cheek and neck showed up almost proudly as if to warn away opposition of any kind; and of course Jacques, the small but deadly serpent that was constantly wrapped around his mistress’s wrist or curled up on her shoulder removed any doubt left in one’s mind of her reputation with just a subtle flash of his fangs… Some people swore that snake acted human. The thing was, nobody- not even her own crew- knew anything about her, or how a woman like her (or a woman alone in fact) had become so respected by the swashbuckling thieves and cutthroats who called themselves the great pirates of their day. Genevere liked things this way.

    She marched purposefully out onto the main deck of her ship precisely on time, ten minutes after sunrise, and surveyed the almost deserted space before her. Typically, it seemed she was still the only one there with any sense of time, not that this surprised her at all. The crow’s nest above was empty, the sails were down and the ship was practically drifting on the gentle morning tide itself… In fact, after a little further scrutiny, Genevere found, to her annoyance, that it was. Jake, her first mate who had supposedly been keeping an eye on things that night was slumped over the ship’s wheel and snoring loudly, a sound that somehow resembled a foghorn, but slightly quieter. This alarmed Jacques, who hissed quietly and ducked sharply under the wide sleeve of the Captain’s coat.

    Having woken up in a fairly tolerant mood, Genevere proceeded to the place of her deputy’s slumber and coughed loudly to get his attention. Failing that, as he only twitched before snoring away once again, she took the thin, brass telescope from her pocket, weighed it in her hand for a moment and struck him sharply across the back of the head, but not too hard… just enough to wake the poor fellow up.

    “AHH! H-hoist the sails! Hit the deck! CYRUS PUT DOWN THAT CUTLASS!” Jake spluttered, still bewildered and sure he had not yet surfaced from his dream.
    Genevere tapped her foot impatiently and coughed again. “SIR!” Jake barked hurriedly, straightening himself up and saluting (a habit derived partly from his old military ways). He went a deep shade of crimson when he noticed who it was stood before him and began to stammer; “I mean, ma’am… I mean… I was just resting my eyes, Captain… all’s good!”

    “Yes, I can see that you great lazy buffoon.” She sighed, rolling her eyes, “You’re lucky I haven’t fed you to the fish yet, mate. What’s become of the others? Hung over and sleepin’ again?”

    “I believe so, Captain.” Jake said, still a little dazed. “Mollie could’ve poisoned the lot of ‘em in that rum and nought would’ve noticed.”

    “Well then, it’s about time the pack of scurvy old bastards was aroused.” Genevere answered with the air of authority she knew would frighten her first mate back to his senses. It seemed to work because he immediately gave his salute again and sprinted the length of the deck, almost hurtling overboard before he jumped below deck to the crew’s quarters and suddenly a great hubbub could be heard in his wake.

    Yes… this was the way she liked things. Jacques slithered up her arm and settled himself in a neat coil on her shoulder and looked up at the Captain almost inquisitively, his little head cocked on one side and his forked tongue flickering slightly as he hissed softly to get her attention.

    “Sometimes I wonder whether I should have appointed you as my first mate, Jacques.” Genevere murmured, her lip curling into the almost smile that was hardly ever seen by her crew. Jacques rested his head on the coil that was the rest of him, and seemed to give her an approving look. If the snake could speak, which of course he could not, he would most definitely have agreed. As far as he was concerned, if Jake was the pick of a bad lot… well, that’s what you got when you employed pirates.


Will this change? Probably.... hell, I might even switch story alltogether yet! But there you go, you filthy landlubbers! There's your teaser! Anyways, I'm gonna go back to enjoying my holiday xD Stay tuned!


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