The Guest Room

You follow the second floor hallway to the guest room, it is simple, containing but a bed, a table and the remnants of a wax candle, most of which is melted in a dish. Along the walls, various guests have left a mark from their stay at the Guild...

-----All of the work here has been created by others. Some of them (in fact most of them) on deviantART, and a few of them by members of the original Guild themselves. I feel like this is worth sharing, so here you go! To see more from the artists who created these peices (and I highly recommend it), click their names and you will be directed to their deviantART pages -I. I. Laverick-----

^You've seen this before! The Symbol of the Assassin's Guild, or I like to think that this is their calling card! Created in collaboration by a good friend of mine and my boyfriend, who go by Pure-Vampire-kira and Takeshi-Toga on dA.
^The official book cover for Dead Night! Another one from the excellent Takeshi-Toga, it is very relevant to the story... if you think about it. ^^ (something to mull over)
^I commissioned the talented InkyRose of deviantART to create some costumes for Cybelle! She did an ace job and I'm considering actually mentioning these dresses in the books... but we shall see. ^_^
^This was a peice for an art trade, created by DreamsickDev of deviantart! Pictured here is Cye, with their own OC Morpheus. The detail is just gorgeous, isn't it? :)
^ This was aprize for winning a group comp on dA, drawn by bubblemoon66, I love the expression on Cye's face! It's quite like her!
vBelow is the story of Miss Avangelene Wright, written by my good friend AmeliaBaute, who was in fact the original Avangelene!
Avangelene's Story
Hey you! Yes you, the one that's reading this, see that girl over there in the armchair next to the fire? That's me, yes of course it's me and my name would so happen to be Avangelene Wright, but to the other guild members it's Ange or Angie depending on their mood and whether or not I would slap them. The two girl twins sitting next to me are Lizzie and Emma, well their actually not twins as such but we like to call them that because they finish of each other's sentences a lot. Emma shot me one of those sideways glances as if to say 'what the fuck?' as my stomach rumbled and I looked down at it. That would be the time of day where I would just put down my book and retire to the kitchen to find something to eat and something alcoholic to drink but today was different because I found something to eat alright but nothing to drink as such. "Emmett, get your exceptionally large ass down here pronto!" I heard a thud from upstairs and then something tumble down the stairs and crash land on something that sounded like a bucket.

I slapped my hand over my face and sighed something that sounded like: 'Oh brother.' I looked up as Emmett appeared in the kitchen doorway with a bucket stuck to his foot, Emmett was my klutz of a brother, and yes I can't believe we came from the same family as well. "What did you want sis?" I glared and folded my arms whilst tapping my foot on the floor impatiently. "Oh sorry, Ange." I softened up slightly but still had the mad deranged expression on my face. "Emmett what is this?" I held up an empty wine so he could see what I was complaining about. "A wine bottle?" I slapped my hand over my face again, now I really did feel like smashing the wine bottle and stabbing him several times with it. "Yes, I get that but what is inside the wine bottle?" he raised an eyebrow and scratched his head like he didn't know the answer yet it was staring him in the face. "Erm, nothing." I smiled then shoved the wine bottle into his chest with force. "Yes, now go fix it." I said in almost a shout before returning to my chair and sitting down again.

Cybelle in all of her wisdom came over and looked at me pressing a finger against her lips then sighing before saying. "We ran out of alcohol didn't we, Ange?" I nodded at her; James came in and looked at my unhappy and unwilling expression before mocking me. "Omurimakuri." I glared at him, got up and left. "Who put a bee in her bonnet?" I heard James say after leaving the room; I stormed upstairs to my room when I got in there I automatically sloped down my door and started to cry. This was mainly the only place I could cry, the most of the time I went outside when it was raining and blamed it on the rain. I had lost all of my family apart from my brother and when we did get away, iris caught us and tortured me just to make a spectacle so Emmett could watch, the scars weren't there anymore but I could still feel the pain even after all these years. A knock came at the door, making me stop and look through the spyhole of the door. "Who is it?" I tried to control the strain in my voice and sound normal. "Ange, its Edward." I opened the door immediately and literally jumped into his arms, nearly knocking the wine bottle in his arms flying. "Ange…" He held me at arm's length to look at my face. "You ok? You've been crying." I shook my head in denial. "No, I mean I will be ok." He smiled and touched the bottom of my chin tilting it up ever so slightly to look at him. "How about some training, I mean that always cheers you up."

A few minutes into a fight I jumped round a pillar and hid behind it. "Don't think I'm going easy on you this time, cause you're a girl Wright." I smiled while touching the sword as it felt good in my hands. "Wouldn't have it any other way, North." I jumped out only to orb out several seconds later as he shot a bullet at me. "Ange?" I jumped down from the beam above and knock the gun out of his hand and knocked him to the floor and I sat on top of him with the tip of my sword resting just on the edge of his chin. "Yield good sir?" He glared at me and started breathing heavily. "Never" He said in an almost dramatical type of voice. I smiled and then pulled my sword up as if to pierce it through his throat when all of a sudden he flipped me over and I hit the floor with a thud. "Now I'm in control." I looked up into his eyes as he did into mine, he let go of me ever so slightly as both of our mouths met. I brought up my knee to hit him in the groin, he fell over onto one side and I got up smiling my head of at him. "Don't be fooled North, especially by me." I saw him get up and I didn't even have time to grab the sword before he tackled me down to the floor. "Oh fuck this." We both started kissing again, I let out to make a comment along the lines of: 'good choice of words' before going back into a kiss.

The next morning, I woke up by the sound of my alarm going off; I heard a groan that wasn't mine. I slammed my hand down onto the snooze button and turned over to see Edward smiling at me. "Morning Mrs North." I laughed and thought of what I was going to do next. "Haha, nice try." I pushed him out of bed but the bed sheet got caught around my ankle and pulled me off the bed too. Edward rose from under the bed sheets, I looked down and pulled the bed sheet up and put a hand over my eyes. "Edward, please put your clothes on." As he started doing this, I meanwhile got changed and freshened myself up in the toilet. "Oh yeah about my brother…" he raised an eyebrow as we went downstairs. "Yeah what about him?" he asked as we reached the bottom, I grasped his hands in mine. "Yeah I forgot to tell him we were engaged and about to get married." His eyes grew in utter shock as he slapped his hand against his forehead and then moved forward to a wall where I purposely stood to keep him from bashing his brains in. "We're both dead you know that?" I raised my eyebrow then, pushed my glasses up. "No, technically your dead but come on, we'll go tell him now."

After joining everyone in the living quarters with James sitting in a corner and regarding us with: 'What did you two lovebirds get up to last night?' After that we decided it was time to tell Emmett what was going on after everyone left. "You're ENGAGED, to him? I hope you got him castrated first!" He flashed a glare at Edward, I looked at him too and he was pale, I guess the words: 'Castrated' never went down too well with him. Note to self, never mention the word 'castrated' in front of Edward ever. "Yes, we're engaged, I would have told you sooner but I knew you were going to be like this." The correct phrase which was buzzing round my head right now went something like: 'Yes you fucking moron, of course we're fucking engaged I mean come on, the ring even a potato chip could figure it out sooner.' His face in my mind in that instant turned into a potato chip right there and then. "Yeah, but my little sister getting married." I glared and tapped my foot impatiently at him again. "I am not your little sister how many times, I'm older." He looked away as Cybelle walked in; I grabbed Edwards hand and led him out of the kitchen. "Looks like, it's going to be another normal day at the guild."

Edward left to look like he wasn't hanging around my neck all the time, I retired to a bar with Edward's bottle of wine and crying my eyes out again. I wiped of the tears and downed another glass of wine, the door opened and I heard someone settle down beside me. "You're destroying your liver you know that Ange." I tried to down another glass but found a hand on top of the glass stopping me; I pushed it off and downed the glass in front of him. "I don't need a liver, I'm a vampire remember." I heard the bartender push him a glass and he grabbed the bottle and poured a glass of the wine, I looked at him. "It's hard, I try to ignore the memories but they force themselves to the surface again." He nodded as he drank the wine and put a hand around my shoulders. "I just don't want to see you get hurt by another guy that's all." I shook my head and looked at Emmett; I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. He started to move, I opened my eyes and Emmett helped me get up of the stool. "Come on, we got to get you back to the guild. How come Edward's not here?" I laughed and shook my head. "I told him he could get to work on one of the assignment." He laughed as we walked back into the guild. "Emma, let us in, Ange is pissed again." Emma let us in and hugged me immediately. "Oh god, Ange when I get my hands on him, I'm going to kick him into oblivion and then let Lizzie reap his soul." I shook my head and laughed. "No, it wasn't him, just another one of those nights at the bar."

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