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The Seven Sins Of The Guild.

First Sin, Wrath

    “Shoot the motherfucker!” I scream, aiming ‘Elizah’, the massive and elaborate gun in my hands at the targets. Accalia lands silently next to me, loads her handguns and starts shooting in one swift movement, moving on to her favourite machine gun as soon as she ran out of bullets. These missions all seemed so short, but then, every high ends too soon.

    A few minutes later, we leap off the wall we were hiding behind and land simultaneously on the ground, swinging guns over our shoulders and high fiving, a job well done, as always.

    “Hey, Emmy…should we clean up?” Accalia says after a few moments silence had passed during which we surveyed the pile of corpses.

    “Nah, I have that sorted…accept we might want to move out, now.” I reply, suddenly having registered the fact that I had left a little surprise for any unfortunate escapees in a nearby tower.

    You know, it must look quite epic, the keep blowing up behind us as we walk away. Back to the Assassin’s Guild with us, seeking a new challenge.

    Well, now all that’s over, I suppose I’d better introduce myself. My name Is Emma Bennett, I am a First Class Assassin of London’s Night Assassin’s Guild and a Lycan and in case you didn’t already notice, I like guns. That other girl there is my cousin Accalia Bennett.

    My twin, Lizzy (Ms Elizabeth Vice, pure blood Aristocrat Vampire of the Guild) tells me that I’m a little too violent. Well, she’s the one who knows best, I mean, the others have hardly seen the real Emma. The real Emma is a Wolf, a dark creature at one with the night. My heart is stone, and I do what is necessary to survive. Liz is probably the only one of the Guild who has seen me hunt.

    And I am not ashamed. I love the kill, the violence… whether it’s on a mission, armed with a gun and my wits, or a hunt, where I catch with my teeth and claws. This is my sin…the sin of wrath.

Second Sin, Lust

    “You know, Emmett, Just talking to her will do you less harm than staring. She’ll see you one of these days.” Avangelene says, pushing her glasses up on her nose and looking at me.

    “You know what, I might just do that.” I folded my arms and tried to hold my sister’s glare, which didn’t work. Avangelene Wright was the queen of death glares.

    I am Emmett Wright, and this is the Assassin’s Guild… We are the Moon Sector. That’s my sister with the glasses, Ange. Enough said. And that girl, the one with the dark hair and deep green eyes, is none other than Ms Cybelle Marrie DeHamphir, First Class Assassin and one of the last Sirith Magi. No, I wasn’t staring either.

    Cybelle and I actually go way back, I’m serious. When she first moved to London, most people kept their distance… They were scared I think. She was-well, still is- so different… She’s really not a bad person though, a hermit, definitely a hermit. When she’s not on a mission, she’s training, reading, or sitting in a corner somewhere staring out of the window.

    Amazing really, it’d drive me insane…but sometimes, I think she might be. Either way, she could really do with some help…

    “Emmett, you’re doing it again.” Ange raises an eyebrow. “You realize you have no chance, right?”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” I protest, not wanting her to get the better of me any time soon.

    “You gullible, stupid boy, she’s taken.” Ange sighs. “She’s in love with someone, but don’t go trying to get her to admit to it whatever you do.”

    “James. It’ll be James.” I murmured, thinking back to the conversation we had a while ago. Not when she called both myself and James to the music room, but a conversation we had a long time ago.

    Be the one to stay with me, Cye.

    I shake it off. It’s no use.

    “Right, you get out, you’re barred.” Ange says, giving me her purse.

    “What the fuck?” It’s rare for anyone to get her purse, let alone from her giving it freely.

    “Emmett, you’re my brother. I have to look after you, I promised mom I would. And right now, you look miserable, so go have yourself a good time, go get yourself a drink at least.”

    “Thanks, Ange.” I manage to say.

    “Don’t mention it…ever.”

    So here I am, walking down a street I’ve walked a million times. There’s the turning to Cybelle’s Manor House, and then to The Chimera’s Estate. I hesitate on the turning to the usual tavern. Something inside of me knows that there is only one way to relieve the pain…trade pain for pleasure.

    I don’t turn into the street with the tavern. Instead, I find myself treading a path just as familiar to me. A place Cye would hate me forever for going to. The place I first met her, though she won’t remember. A place where the rich take advantage of the poor. The theatre of my sins.

    I breathe in the familiar sweet scent of alcohol and sweat and various other things and look around…looking for the sweet young thing that is my target. My sin, which I bury inside of me, pokes its ugly head to the surface. My sin…is lust.

Third Sin, Gluttony

    The Guild is lively tonight, isn’t it? Even Cybelle and James have emerged from their caves. Well, I don’t know what’s been up with them lately and frankly, I don’t want to know. Everyone has forgotten their troubles tonight, even me.

    Ah, I don’t believe I have introduced myself, have I? I am Edward North, a member of the Guild, but don’t let that lead you to believe that I am obedient to these laws of the Night. The reason I’m here is to kill off all of them, one by one. For now, the Guild are my allies, although I am beginning to realise how much like myself they actually are, perhaps there are good Night people out there besides them…but enough of that.

    Avangelene Wright grips my hand and smiles. The reason for tonight would be the engagement. I suppose that is why everyone seems less tense…celebrating instead of waiting is rare.

    Emmett and Lina seem to have disappeared. Oh well.

    “Hey, Edward?” Avangelene asks “You alright?”

    “Never better.” I reply, eyeing up the food…well, our kind. ‘Wolves eat meat…that’s Emma, Accalia and occasionally James. Vampires have their blood, Liz, Ange, Cye well, you get the picture.

    Me, I’m a vampire. Not by choice either. I’d love to find that leech that turned me, snap off her neck and drain her. I don’t believe I shall ever get that chance, but it is a goal if anything.

    Sometimes…I can’t help thoughts like that. They creep up on you when you least expect them. Some people just can’t take Vampirism. It makes them go crazy with bloodlust…I am possibly one of those people…things.

    Cye and James have gone outside. The twins and Accalia went to the training room…everyone’s left. We’re alone.

    “Edward…are you having one of your fits again?” Ange says then hesitates. “My offer remains you know.”

    “I’m sorry.” I manage to murmur, before the sweet scent of blood fills the air.

    There are ancient sayings that a vampire’s thirst is only to be quenched by the blood of the one they love.

    My sin that brings me contempt…is gluttony.

Fourth Sin, Envy

    Sometimes I wonder if this is it. Just…the end. I mean, is there really anything else now? Nah, I think I’m just unused to sudden normality.

    How rude of me, my name is Leanne LaBelle, but please just call me Lina. I hid a lot of secrets, and now…now I just feel like there’s no more use for me. Oh, listen to me! And my sister always used to call me the optimist!

    “Hey, Lina, you alright there?” Emmet Wright appears behind me. I look up and laugh as he attempts to flick the light blond hair out of his eyes.

    He sits next to me and stares out of the window. “Hmm…”

    “What you thinking, Wright?” I raise an eyebrow and look at him quizzically.

    “Nothing.” I noticed that the view from the window was the back grounds. Cye and James were outside making an attempt to catch Rosetta, Cye’s horse. Edward and Ange were standing well out of the way and watching.

    “It’s something.” I pressed, although he stayed silent.

    I look again out of the window. They’re so lucky. I’ve seen so many men in my life who took advantage. More accurately, I’ve seen so many bastards. I couldn’t believe Cye had such bravery to even approach James.

    “I’m going to do something cruel and you might hate me.” I say quietly, not quite wanting to look Emmett in the eye.

    “Well…” he replies distantly. “I don’t think I’m capable of hate right now.”

    I lean over and kiss him on the cheek. “You have to promise not to tell anyone.”

    He looks speechless, because I don’t have to explain.

    The crazy thing is, I don’t even know if this is what I want. My heart is racing just at the thought. I want it too… I can’t stand to watch…

    My sin…is envy.

Fifth Sin, Pride

    Training was the only time I could really take my mind off everything. The Guild…My brother…Edward…

    This is a thought I’m having whilst repeatedly slashing at the target dummies in the training room.

    My name is Avangelene Wright, and I am not a legal midget, no matter what James might have told you. Say that and you’ll end up with the same fate as that dummy over there before you could blink.

    Cye walks in, a pair of katanas crossing her back like usual. She tended to train with James nowadays, so I was surprised to see her.

    “Evenin’, Ange.” She says absently, drawing the silver blade and examining it. She throws it to hit the centre of a target and draws the wooden katana, aiming at the spot next to the silver one.

    My long sword gets there first.

    “Oh, and they say I have anger management issues!” She laughs. “Sorry, did I step in your territory? The other rooms are…taken.” She shivers and I take a guess at the Bennetts.

    “Oh well.” I shrug.

    “Emmett spit in your wine again?” She comments, noticing my expression.

    “No…wait- what do you mean ‘again’?” I accuse, folding my arms and pushing my glasses up on my nose, a force of habit.

    “Never mind.” She shrugs and retrieves her silver sword from the target.

    I decided not to bother sword fighting; I should really just go find Edward. Cye gives me this look which really makes me mad, because I know exactly what she’s going to bring up. Get there first, Ange!

    “So, how’s James?” I ask casually, folding my arms and looking triumphant.

    “Hmm, why would I know that?” She winks, indicating that she just doesn’t want to admit it.

   “Just curious.”

    She almost smiles, because that’s what she does, and then answers with a question. “What about Edward?”

    “Hmf.” I say, deciding to go back to my training.

    “Alright, have it your way, moody.” She leaves.

    I don’t want to be like this, but it’s how I am. I can’t help my sins…I am pride.

Sixth Sin, Sloth

    “Does it involve moving?” I ask lazily as James sits on the desk, throwing a told-you-this-wouldn’t-work look over at Cybelle, who is standing in the doorway.

    “Liz, it doesn’t matter, we’ll go on our own.” Cye says, turning and leaving the library, James following soon after.

    And if you were wondering, I am Elizabeth Vice. Pure blooded Aristocrat Vampire and First Class Assassin. The other two are Cybelle DeHamphir and James Lovett, also First Class.

    I lift the silver chalice to my lips and take a sip of what looks like red wine. You’re forgetting the ‘Vampire’ part… of course its blood, idiot. Don’t look so surprised, it’s synthetic…there simply to stop me going insane before my next mission. Ugh, tastes foul.

    Maybe I should take that mission after all… Erm, no…not really.

    Emma, who everyone calls my twin, although she’s clearly a Wolf, enters the room.

    “Hey, Liz…coming to train?” she beams, tossing her oversized gun over her shoulder.

    “Sorry, I’m busy.” I shrug.

    “Uh…doing what?”

    “Absolutely nothing.” I admit, groaning.

    She smacks a palm to her forehead “You need blood, sis.”

    “Tell me something I don’t already know.”

    “You know what?” Emma declares “I give up. Seya, Lizzy.” She concludes and leaves.

    My sin is that of the wealthy, the wise…the fault in perfection…

    My sin is sloth.

Seventh Sin, Greed

    “James!” Cybelle tackled me from behind.

    “Oof, alright Kit, you win. Gerroffme!” I laughed.

    “HEY!” She stood with her hands on her hips but she was smiling, which was a rare thing for her, or it was before. “I told you, I’m not cute, I’m a ferocious beast!”

    “I never said anything.” I insisted innocently.

    “You called me Kit.” She tried to glare. “This cat has CLAWS remember?”


    In case you didn’t know, the name’s James. James Lovett and the girl who attacked me was Cybelle DeHamphir. We are assassins, I won’t go into that but you don’t want to run into us on a dark night or a dead one if you get my meaning.

    “Hey, whatcha thinking?” She gives me this sideways look.

    “Nothing you want to know.” I say, mimicking her own usual trick.

    “Now that’s my job!”

    “I’m thinking right now how lucky I am that no one else can have you.” I admit.

    “…” She’s speechless. Well, I’m not entirely sure if I wanted to do that. Cye, despite any perceptions is very easy to talk to.

    We all have our sins… I want to keep you to myself… My sin is greed.

The Ultimate Sinner

    My name is Cybelle Marrie DeHamphir… You may have heard of me. To tell you everything about me, the Guild… our lives… that’s an impossible task. I won’t go into it. However I can give you a vague idea about myself.

    I am Wrath… Relentlessly disposing of all that angers me, and all that it is in my power to dispose of.

    I am Lust… Chasing after things I should not desire, playing with the hearts of the weak and stupid.

    I am Gluttony…The want of that sweet forbidden fruit. The desire if all that would sicken a normal human being.

    I am Envy… When one’s life is simply never enough, and all that is desirable is in the possession of others.

    I am Pride… The child of evil. The art of looking down on others, and laughing, bearing one’s own beauty enough to blind.

    I am Sloth… The expectation of other things to do themselves, the bending of rules to lessen one’s requirement of effort.

    Finally, I am Greed… The hording, the eye of one and all things desirable. The inability…to…let you go.

    This is the real Cybelle. Not the fearless Assassin, not the hero…

    This is Cybelle, the ultimate sinner….

    Cybelle the damned.

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