Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A new project (again v.v)

Hey all! :) Long time, no see!
My netbook has been broken for a while, so that's why the blog has been a ghost town (if you were wondering at all). However, it is fixed now, so hopefully, we're back on track!

Anyway, two things:

Firstly, I'm thinking of bringing back the Dead Night movie. Yeah, I know, but it may or may not work. All I can say for now, is that if you see new DN videos on the old youtube, then it's looking hopeful!

Secondly, I'm working on a new project... It's called "The Curious Cases and Eventful Adventures of Lenora Lacey. I can't tell you much, cause it's for college stuff, but I can give you a preview, so here it is! Enjoy!

Chapter 1, A Night To Remember



    In the year 1882, London in England was truly a spectacular place to be. You can forget the glamorous streets of Paris, or the famous figures of New York; London was the real city of opportunity… if you knew how to get it. You could ask anybody who was anybody, and they would tell you the same.


    You see… this was the very problem; Lenora Lacey wasn’t exactly just anybody. Perhaps, it occurred to her as she stared blankly at William across the table with the best casual half smile she could manage, this was why she never quite got it. Her sister, Eleena, had taken to a wealthy life from birth… There she was, chattering away to Mrs Lydia Grey, her manners impeccable and her dark brown hair and pale pink dress perfect and spotless. She was eleven years old, and already she was the perfect model of a young lady. Lenora had struggled this far, and yet to Eleena, it just came naturally.


    Or perhaps, Lenora considered, adding to her earlier thought, she was mistaken at the hospital when she was born. Well, whatever had happened, it had landed her in this situation, and she didn’t like it one bit. Not one little bit.


    The family dinner, which was supposed to be a celebration of Lenora’s engagement to Mr William Grey, although it felt suspiciously like torture, ceased for a moment as William’s father, the greying but still incredibly smart and stern looking Mr John Grey stood up at the head of the table, tapping a champagne glass with a spoon for attention.


    Only one thought managed to surface in Lenora’s distracted mind as he did this, and it was something along the lines of; oh my god, this can’t possibly be good. She was right of course, she just had no idea to what extent.


    She glanced at her mother who, with narrowed eyes, jerked her head sharply in the direction of the host, and so Lenora followed suit.


    “Long have our two families been close,” Began Mr Grey, unsmiling behind his bushy grey moustache, but seemingly happy on all other counts about the occasion, “It brings me great joy to know that finally, we shall be united for generations to come.”


    Lenora gulped. Ew… he meant she and William were supposed to have children… how weird.


    “I offer my congratulations to my son and Miss Lacey.” At this he paused, and the two families applauded the ‘couple’ as if they had just performed some complicated circus act, including Charlotte and the Grey’s maid, Amy, who were both stood by the door. As Lenora looked down at the huge rock which now weighed down her hand in her lap, she tried to smile without shedding a tear. She was not thinking about the wedding, she was thinking about how she would miss her dear friend Lottie once she was married. Her dear friend who had served the family long before the death of Lenora’s father, and long after the Laceys were left with his debt. Her old friend who had always blushed when Lenora’s older brother, Ryan spoke to her; and then cried every night for a week when he disappeared on duty.


    She realised she had let her mind stray again and looked back up at Mr Grey, who was by now, at the height of his rambling speech. Even Eleena would be bored by this point. She was politely watching with an interested expression but Lenora definitely recognised the glazed eyes of her sister, which showed that she wasn’t listening.


    “…And I trust I will see you all tonight at my family’s annual masquerade ball.”  Mr Grey finished, to both Lenora’s delight (It was over) and then horror (Oh my god, the ball!).


    Mr Grey sat, and Lenora’s mother was the first to excuse herself from the room, soon followed by Eleena, who politely bid her hosts farewell, and then Lenora, who murmured her goodbyes, and cast a nervous glance at William.


    As they set off home, the only thing really bothering Lenora was how to get through the night. Funny that, because unbeknownst to anybody there, it would be far harder she or any of them thought. You could even go so far as to say it would be deadly.