The Music Room

You hear a strange melody ringing through the Guild and follow it upstairs. With a slight hesitation, you push open the door with an alarmingly loud creak... James and Cybelle, both sat by the piano seem to have almost forgotten the world, but then they look up, smile and greet you, the Guild's new arrival. You decide to take a seat and listen quietly. You notice that the room contains only a large grand piano, a few chairs and the grammaphone Avangelene had brought up from the training room the other night. Sitting yourself down on the windowseat, you begin to curiously flick through a box or records next to the grammaphone...

***This page is for you to browse what I like to call the 'soundtracks' to the books... Bear in mind that it's my music collection talking and I have some darn weird taste, but feel free to look the fact I recommend it! Anyway, enjoy and letme know if you have any recommendations!  Also, spoiler warning towards the last few tracks. I will take thi opportunity to remind you that displaed upo this page are only my interpretations, indeed it is very likely that the songs are bout something utterly different, I just interpret them in a way that I apply them to m work. No offence intended. Love and tea! -I.I. Laverick***
-EDIT- We have an official soundtrack being composed as we speak so when I know what's going on I shall direct you to it.. the tracks I've heard so far are absolutely beautiful, so it'll be worth the wait!

Dead Night (Book  I)

1. All that I'm Living For - Evanescence

2. And the Snakes Start to Sing - Bring me the Horizon 

3. The Wrong Side - Abney Park

4. Lucifer's Angel - The Rasmus 

5. Oblivion - Lacuna Coil

6. Remorse - Lovex

7. The Last Waltz - The Rasmus

8. If You Only Knew - Shinedown

9. Higher Than Hope - Nightwish (With Tarja)

10. All I Need - Within Temptation

11. Undead Heart - Vampires Everywhere

12. Can I Play With Madness - Iron Maiden

13. Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance

14. Lost in Paradise - Evanescence

15. Release - Pearl Jam

16. Never Gonna Be Alone - Nickelback

17. Na Na Na... - My Chemical Romance

18. Dance With the Devil - Breaking Benjamin 

19. Perfect Weapon - Black Veil Brides

20. Silent Waters - Amorphis

21. The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater

22. Death and All His Friends - Coldplay

23. The Only Exception - Paramore

24. Lullaby - Nickelback

***More playlists to come for future stories and books!***

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