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Not many people seem to be around tonight, all out on missions you suppose, so you decide to explore a little. After all, you havn't had much chance to do so since you arrived here. It isn't long before you come to some large double doors of shiny wood, and you guess you have arrived at the Library. Avangelene lookes up at you and smiles a little over her glasses before returning to her book. Still unsure about her, and deciding she's best left alone for now, you begin to browse the shelv

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Well, Lookie here, the cat dragged in an author...

Run off my feet v.v

Curious Felines

New Project Revealed :D

Seven Sins and meeting my literary idol

A surprise

Thank you!

College and some new illustrations


A New Project

A First Look at Lenora Lacey

A Song for the Guild Girls

Of college, uni and alyss

A Cruel Little Hint

Madam Takaras Reopening, and Book News

Stepping into the shoes...

Things to come (Dead Night)

DN Merch

New fangled fan club

August 2013 DN release- Cancellation announcement

Dead Night back on track!

Logic of the Night articles

Genes and gene percentages


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The Dead Night Series:

Dead Night (preview)

The Seven Sins Of The Guild

Dead Night the comic- "Legacy of Night" 
Coming soon

The Reign of Hearts, A Modern Alice in Wonderland

The Reign of Hearts, Part One

The Reign of Hearts, Part Two

The Reign of Hearts, Part Three