Thursday, 8 March 2012

Curious Felines

    I DID warn the others I would blog this, so before our updates, I shall tell you of the odd walk we had today...
    Ok, so according to the others, I stalk them home every day (I am NOT a stalker, I walk aimlessly for half an hour until my bus gets there!), and on the way back we see an oddly huge array of cats. You lot, if you're reading this, know where this post is going! So there was Gandalf cat (LotR), the white and grey one that was sitting there in an alleyway (YOU SHALL NOT PASS) which was fairly normal for us. There was The Master cat (Doctor Who) which was black and stared us down... also not too bad. The wierd moment came when we saw the new cat... t was so CUTE and FLUFFY... So we tried to name it. It was at that point where it decided to... do something rather obscene which is not suitable for this blog! I like how The Doctor (A friend of mine) walked away awkwardly and immidiately declaired that this cat was the Capt Jack cat (Torchwood). At the time, I promised I would blog this and so here you go!

    Anyway, on a saner note, here come your updates (Excuse the many news posts). So, I'm possibly going to finish my secret project, but I had been having some trouble focussing, so I had an idea. I 'm working on a short story collection which focusses mainly on the other characters. So James, Lina, Edward... we'll be learning a lot more! I'll probably include the Seven Sins in this, and will upload story by story.

    Nothing else to really report other than that, and I promise... no more cat stories! xD

    Until next time!

    -IIL xx

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