Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Guild is back! Raised like a phoenix!!

I'm sure my last post didn't cause too much alarm, I'm not that popular *cue Galinda* but yes, Dead Night had taken a turn for the worst. I had a long period of writers block and artists block and was quite a horrible person to be around, particularly when given a laptop and a forum (I don't even like forums..........); but now I'm back, and a writer with a plan!! So, here's what is going to happen.

First of all my friend, on whom the character of Avangelene Wright was based, and I will be collaborating on a script taking place many years before the events of Dead Night; this will go through each member arriving at the Guild for the first time (beginning with Avangelene and Emmett, who founded it), and each chaper will be a glimpse into the character's history. I will then turn this script into a comic, called (working title) "Legacy of Night", drawn in all traditional methods, and release it chapter by chapter, the prologue coming up shortly.

With this in progress, I will also take the advice of everyone I have spoken to and use the year to make sure the book is exactly right, re-editing again. We will also continue with the posters, interview, trailers etc that were originally planned, and a soundtrack to acompany the book will be composed (but as for release, I shall speak to it's wonderful composer nearer the time)

Meanwhile, when not on the Dead Night front, trying to keep the jewellery business in the air and attempting to get into university, I'm working on several projects, some of which you may recognise. Instead of promising as I always do and then finding something else, I will tell you simply that any of the following could crop up over the next year:

-Eternal: A Story of Clockwork (a three part steampunk dystopia, but it's running away from the dystopian route!)
-The Eternal Opera (an experemental steampunk industrial musical based on the first book of 'Eternal')
-The Curious Cases and Eventful Adventures of Miss Lenora Lacey (an airship pirate novella written for my EPQ last year)
-On Crimson Coloured Tides (the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Genevere Van Hagen (from Lenora Lacey) and her pirate crew)
-The Chronicles of Madam Takara (a fictional account of my *ahem* 'life')
-Reign of Hearts, A Modern Alice in Wonderland (an adaption of my favourite book)
-Purgatory* (A collaboration with three of my college friends- 4 deaths, 4 heroes, 1 quest!)
-Heart of Glass* (A fantasy tale inspired by Tolkein, but very little like Middle Earth)
-????? (a new project aimed at a younger audience with the help of a new writing course I'm working on)
-various poetry, flash fiction, short stories, etc
 ........and probably others!

It's SMASHING to be back!

Love and Tea,
Madam T! x

*=working title