Tuesday, 10 June 2014

updates on everything

Morning all!

Its been a while and I have LOTS of updates, so if you'll be a dear and bear with me.

Dead Night Release date
Mark it on your calendar! Dead Night comes out in print on 13th December 2014. It LOOKS like this time, it will come out on time.

New website
I'm in the process if building a new website which will then be the MAIN site for DN. I will keep the blog going but that's a little more on the personal side, the official website will have more of a professional feel. Also, you will be able to read the first chapter of Legacy of Night as soon as we go live, so watch this space!

New art
So, with new comic and the novel coming close to release, there will be plenty of new art. I will do my best to keep it up to date here but I seem to be having technical difficulties (again) so keep your eye on http://takarayuuki.deviant art.com and the new site when it's out. Information on merch and prints will follow closer to the date.

Trailer, soundtrack, photoshoot and interview 
Are all in progress and I will update here as and when. The trailer and the interview are going up on YouTube.

Audio book
Week commencing 30th June! Its going to sound amazing, I've employed Adam's help once more to get it sounding all professional. This will be available along with the eBook around the time of the print novel, but I shan't release a date, because we aren't sure if we're going to stagger the releases.

Legacy of Night 
I promise, we're working on it.... New art to follow.

Other stories
I shan't promise anything, since I finished my exams, I'm dabbling in whatever inspires me.

Site updates
-Preview of the novel has been updated to the newest version
-I'm looking to update the Seven Sins stories, but give me time, because they need a lot of reworking
-Updated Guild profiles
-Looking to update the gallery, but bear with me, I have to do it from my laptop
-Might make a Legacy of Night page
-Might make a personal portfolio page with more of my non specific work on it
-I'll update the contents page soon, it's about two posts behind

Thank you for being patient with me as I rush to get everything released on time!

Love and tea
Madam T (I. I.Laverick)

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