Sunday, 14 April 2013

Re-opening of Madam Takara's Jewellery, book news and RoH 3

Sorry to keep you all waiting so long for updates, the past few weeks have been hectic!

So my first bit of news is that I am re opening my etsy shop, Madam Takaras, so you will now be able to buy my fine art and steampunk themed jewellery once more (and the prices have been lowered from last time, I am also doing a lot of made to order peices). Please check it out at:

Currently you can get Dead Night themed peices through my custom fine art pendants, but hopefully when Dead Night is out, you'll be able to buy more themed jewellery, cameos, and maybe special signed copies of the book! So stay tuned :)

Also, Lenora Lacey... the draft is finished but I'm submitting it for EPQ and then having nothing to do with it for a few months. I'm sorry, it's just not ready. However, this means that I am now focussing on having Dead Night edited and ready for the publishing in a few months, and I'm starting a new trilogy whilst I have a break (because I want to savour writing the DN books :)). It's a post apocalyptic dystopian steampunk called "Eternal" and the first installment is called "A Story of Clockworks". This one is hopefully going to be fully illustrated, so keep an eye on my deviantART for details! (I'll add things here when I decide how it's all happening)

Anyway, I must go! Things to do, things to edit ;)
Love and tea.
-I. I. Laverick <3

P.S Thank you everyone who watches me and this blog, I've just gone over 1000 pageviews!!! :D

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