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Logic of the Night- Metamorphasis

"Warewolves are not people who sometimes look like wolves, they're wolves who sometimes look like people." -Daughters of Darness by L J Smith

Sooo, decided to do another 'Logic of the Night' having finally found another subject. As you will know if you've read the book, the Shape Shifting beings of the world of Night aren't exactly your usual horror film types. So here's the lowdown on each type of Shifter, and then some info on *ahem* specific cases.

There isn't a lot to say about them as no REAL werewolves appear in the story yet.Obviously, their key difference to Lycanth Wolves is that they can only (and have to) change on a full moon. They also tend to struggle more in the personal battle between self and Wolf. Often the Wolf wants to take over their host completely, and very occasionally (out of the ones that don't kill themselves under pressure), the Wolf can win this battle, and on that full moon, the host will not demorph back into a human, and will stay a Wolf for eternity. And it is eternity, because they're immortal. As you can see, there is a reason (or several) for lack of Werewolves in Dead Night.

Lycanth Wolves
A little like Warewolves in the way that they can only ever shift to a wolf's shape, however, they are the only Wolf that can part morph (although most choose not to as it looks repulsive), and unlike Werewolves, they can choose when they morph. The process is the same though (and I'll go into that later). You'll notice that there are more of these (ie, James (in part), Marrok, the Bennetts). They're an easier Night being to exist as most of the time, as the Wolf side is more one's self than a seperate personality. However, the animal instincts are still there so a Lycanth will still have trouble controlling themselves (this, like most other Night creatures' contitions is enhanced upon a full moon), although in this case, they're more of a danger to the people around them than themselves.

Standard Shape Shifters
These are basically like Lycanth Wolves but can shift to any animal they choose (that is of a particular size, not an elephant or a small turtle for example) by studying it's bones and obtaining it's DNA. They also tend to suffer from the condition Werewolves do, but only when in the form of a particular animal, it doesn't take over their human self. They can't shift to a human form (far too complex), Their morph is more painful depending on the animal and it's bone structure in particular.

Human Metamorphs or 'Dopplegangers'
Like Shifters but can only take human morphs, they suffer no psychological symptoms from their morph, but are usually deceptive and cruel in nature. It has not been proven, but many beleive that they have no soul at all. These rare creatures are to be avoided at all costs.

Pure Fhearies are usually quite petit in size, although not tiny like in the storybooks; they can be taller if they have other genes such as Elven or Witch in their family. Fhearies only have a part morph; they can summon wings. For pure blooded Fhearies with no other genes in their past, these wings are always insect like in appearence, however this is the only morph that can be polluted by other genes, akthough a case of this is incredibly rare. There are also no psychological symptoms associated with Fhearie morphs.

***Note- All Wolf related shifts mimic the colour of the human form's hair, and have red eyes in at least Wolf form.

How Metamorphasis Works
It's painful because the body has to rearrange itself. The animal like morphs are far too complicated for even me to fully explain to you, but it's to do with rearranging and rapidly growing/shrinking (ahem, CRUSHING) the bones. Also, theres a lot of morphing/regenerating/growing/excluding of various other parts of the body such as skin and hair. It's...strange.

Special and unusual Cases...

Cybelle DeHamphir, the Sirith Mage
Cybelle's morphs are endless, although she chooses to ignore them for all the pain it takes. However, occasionally, she will use Wolf and Fhearie morphs. It should be noted that though she does have a 'Doppleganger' gene, she will not access it (probably by choice). Same as Shifter. Her Fhearie morph has been distorted by a mix with her Vampire and (maybe) Shifter genes, and rather than insect like wings, she has a pair of massive bat wings. These, due to the nature and size of them, are INCREDIBLY painful to summon. Her wolf, as usual, mimics the jet black colour of her hair.

James Lovett, the hybrid white Wolf
James's morph is interesting, and nobody can pin it down accept for an unproven theory of Vampire pollution (although this is highly unlkely because Wolves can't be blood polluted and it affect their morph). When he morphs, his Wolf is white, even though his natural hair colour is brown.

Verity Harman, the last Fey Witch
Verity rarely morphs as it is not neccecary, practical or painless, but should she choose to, the Witch side of her has polluted her morph to become a pair of feathered dove like wings, all black.

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