Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dead Night- logic of The Night!

*minor spoiler warning*

Evening, all!

So, having spoken to people who have read my book or know more about my characters, I decideed it's about time to answer a few of the common questions which are repeatedly coming under the 'genes' parasol. For example, "Does Lizzie feel the cold?" "When does Avangelene feed?" "Why can Cybelle only blush sometimes?" and "Why are Cye and Lina's dominant genes different?"

So, here's the answer: It's to do with gene percentage!

The idea is, if you belong to The Night in any way, you have supernatural "Night genes". These can belong to almost any sort of Night, such as Fhearie, Witch, Wizard, Vampre, Werewolf etc (You cannot have a ''Sirith gene'', which will be explained in a moment). So if you are purely one of these races, you only have one sort of gene... Therefore Lizzie is a Noble Vampire, therefore her blood is pure and Vampire is all there is to her.

Now, if you have Night blood and human blood, then your Night genes will do batle with your human genes constanly, and your percentage will often change. It is USUALLY subject to how much of that gene is in your family as to which, but one will always be dominant, it will usually be the Night gene in this case.

If you are a hybrid, as mentioned above, you will have a dominat gene regardless of whether you have any human blood. James is a good example of this, his dominant gene is Wolf. Note that occasionally his Vampire side might come out, but not often, due to that changing percentage.

If you were a certain kind of Night before, but gaied the genes of another Night at some point in your life (such as Avangelene becoming Vampire), then your original gene will always be the strongest.As with any other hybrid type, your other genes might come out, nd they are also likely to show themselves if your body needs to use them, such as the Vampires self healing ability.

Now Sirith Magi are a completely different beast. They don't have to have that gene dominant in their family tree for it to be dominant in themself. The Saage sisters are a classic example of this (and possibly the only one). Night genes do battle with eachother, but in Siriths this is a particularly big thing. By the age of about thirteen in a regular hybrid, your genes finally settle, but Siriths might do this at a very early age. Thalia and Valenteia did this, ad that is why Lina was tutored a Witch, and Cye a Vampire. Your percentage still changes, but your dominant gene will always return.

So, those questions....

Can Lizzie feel the cold?
I think she might sense it, but she doesn't feel it as such. she senses a lot of things, but Nobles just sort of exist and observe, it's a little hard to explain.

When does Avangelene feed?
Avangelene was originally Witch, and therefore although she has become part Vampire, she rarely needs to feed, if her Vampire side is particularly present that day, then she might feel the craving, although we will probably never see this through the eyes of another character, as she is very self concious about feeding in front of people.

Why can Cybelle only blush sometimes?
Cye is mostly Vampire, but as I mentioned, even in Siriths, other genes might make an appearence. Sometimes her Wolf side or Witch side etc can come out and allow the little blood in her body to rise to her cheeks. Vampires are technically dead, Cybelle is a little-bit-alive. gain, it's hard to explain!

Why are Cye and Lina's dominant genes different?
Because as I mentioned, Sirith Magi gain a dominant gene early, and it can be anything.

I hope you found this informative!
Perhaps I will post more Night logic in the future, but as for now, farewell.

-I. I. Laverick x

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