Thursday, 27 September 2012


Well I landed myself with another thing on the 'must write' list xD

Me and a few friends have decided to do a collaboration story, each with a different character to write about :) It's v. v. exciting! xD I'm afraid I can't tell you that much about it, but I'll give you something of a tease...

It's very Dungeons and Dragons', a bit 'Angel Beats'ish, but totally original (the above are probably the most similar I can get).

There are four narrators, each written by a separate person.

It invloves a soldier, a pauper, a wealthy businesswoman and a drug addict.

The story begins with each protagonist dead.

That's all I can tell you really! I'm afraid I may have even given too much! Anyway, watch this space!

*salutes* Til next time!

-I. I. Laverick

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