Sunday, 8 July 2012

Something to make you laugh!

Okay... so I got bored, and I made a paperchild chain! xD It actually features most of the main cast of DN (and one of them from a little later >.> <.<)

Avangelene is the one hanging on to her glasses for dear life, and then there's Emmett, being held by the scruff of his neck thanks to his sister, then Cybelle hanging from Emmett's foot by her rapier, James doing his best Tarzan impression and then Lizzie and Accalia hanging from 'scytheh', Emma hanging from Accalia's gun, and then Verity in her chair being held up by Emma's foot (I have a feeling she's installed a seatbelt 0.o), then Lina swinging from Verity's skirt, holding onto Edward's foot, who is holding onto Tukumi's feet who had Yume the cat by the tail!!!

Anyways, I thought you DN readers might get a laugh out of it! So here you go! You can't see all that well so I'll put a couple of photos in. ^_^

Sorry I had to use my webcam to take these guys, but there you go! ^_^ I shall see you next time ;P

-I. I. Laverick

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